Homeowner Consultation

After years of designing homes and providing construction administration services to our clients, we are here to offer our experience and expertise to homeowners across the country. Whether you are overwhelmed by questions for a current or future project, or have a design dilemma that has left you at a loss, whether you have a litany of spaces you need help with, or a single quick question, we are here to help.

All you need to do is send us a description of your design challenge or a list of your question/s. Once we receive your request for answers and/or ideas, we will send you a quote for architectural services. All quotes include a fee and estimated timeline for a formal response. Our fees are based on the following hourly rates: $136/hour for work by a Licensed Architect, and $62/hour for work by one of our design team members. Our quotes are range from flat fees to hourly work, depending on each individual case. Most projects and questions will require a mix of Licensed Architect and Design Team Member time. Timelines vary from ten minutes for simple questions to several weeks for in-depth design production and/or research. All correspondence will be handled by an HQA team member. All design answers and ideas will be provided or overseen by a licensed architect.

To send us your questions or design challenge, simply visit our online form located under HQA's Online Homeowner Consultation at the top of right of this page or click below 'Yes, want to contact HQA!' We do not share any collected contact information with any third parties without your express permission.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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